Drop-in LiFePO4 (LFP) 12V/100Ah battery FAQ

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How to charge it?With any 12V multi stage charging source, or time limited single/double stage.
Maximum charging voltage, current, ambient temperature?14.4V, 70A, 50
What settings for multi stage charging?14V~14.4V absorb, 13.2V~13.3V float
What about higher float like 13.8VPermitted  if  not applied indefinitely.
Can I use it in a dual battery system?Yes, but not under the bonnet. Charging current must be limited to 70A either by wire resistance or DC/DC charger.
How to store the battery for long periods?In a cool dry place, 50% charged, all wires disconnected from positive terminal.
Does the bluetooth module drain the battery when sitting idle?No, the module goes into low power state when not actively communicating with another b/t device.
How accurate is the SOC reading?Reasonably accurate initially but can drift with higher cycle count..
How to keep the  SOC reading accurate?Charging the battery to 14.4V will re-establish initial SOC accuracy.
What happens if the BMS isolates the battery during charging?That depends on the charger or solar regulator. E.g. Victron blue solar MPPT controllers with updated firmware aren't fazed by this.
Why would the BMS isolate the battery when almost fully charged?The charging voltage could be too high, or the cells need re-balancing.
Do the cells need to be re-balanced after some time?That depends on how the battery was used and charged.
Cell voltages are within a few milli Volts but start to diverge above 3.5Vpc, is that normal?Yes, perfectly normal for this type of chemistry.
How to re-balance the cells?By plugging the battery into a balancing device.
What voltage can the battery be discharged to?The BMS isolates the battery at 10.8V~10V or when a cell drops below 2.5Vpc.
Should I use a low voltage disconnect?
Yes, recommended trip setting approximately 11V.
Can I wire two of these batteries in parallel?Yes, but they need to be of similar SOC/voltage at time of connection.
Can they be wired in series?Nope, requires another BMS module, please enquire.
What's the maximum current draw?150A
Do I need to fuse the battery?Yes, the fuse rating depends on the wire gauge, max 150A.
What if something breaks?Thanks to the battery's modular design it can be repaired.
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