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Quick overview:
I'm glad to answer any questions you might have, pls read on for more details:
It's a top of the line 12V/25A charger for a range of batteries.
It is an 'intelligent multi stage' design. Plus, it offers manual tweaking, for demaning charging environments.

Suitable for batteries with a recommended charging end voltage of 13.8V, 14.4V and 14.8V.
Charge up to three separate batteries at the same time, e.g. starter battery, as well as two deep cycle AGM batteries. The batteries don't need to have the same capacity rating and can be at different states of charge..
E.g. you can connect a 100Ah at 50% SOC to battery output 1, and another one of 60Ah at 10% SOC to battery output 2 and the charger will perfectly charge both of them.

Then there is the 1 amp 12V starter battery maintenance output: never let small loads (like car stereo, cabin lights) drain your starter battery. The 1A 13.8V maintenance output restores full charge in your starter battery, while charging your second/house batteries.

Half power mode: this is an extremely useful feature for charging smaller capacity batteries, as they won't be subjected to the brutally high 25A bulk charge current, which is something for their 100Ah+ cousins.

When travelling, you can use a small inverter to power your charger in half power mode. The alternator/starter battery/inverter will benefit from 50% reduced current demand, especially under high ambient temperatures.
This way, you can perfectly recharge any battery up to 14.8V, via the 12V on-bord system.

Another scenario is that you could tap into an existing small solar setup, which charges your starter battery at anywhere between 13.0 and 14.4V.
Your inverter/charger (in half power mode) will now perfectly precision-charge any type of house battery up to 14.8V - no matter how badly regulated your solar setup is.

3 ways of battery protection:

  • Temperature compensation of all charging voltages, by external battery temperature sensor.
  • Automatic battery test before boost charging ramp up:
    This effectively prevents overheating of a weak battery.
  • Automatic switch over from absorption to float, when charging current drops to 3A.
  • Adjustable time limits for the absorption stage:
    This can prevent your valuable battery from being overcharged when a permanent load such as a fridge is connected.
Other nice features:

True 14.8V boost charge voltage standard, for many Asian made AGM batteries (while keeping the 14.4V as an option).
14.8V allows for a more complete charging process, eliminating any danger of sulphation.
Heavy duty battery clamps, and AWG #8 charging wires standard.
Quiet fan only runs during bulk and absorption (high current) stages.
Polarity mismatch and short circuit protection.
13.8V power supply function, with or without battery connected.
Built in power factor correction means less heating inside your generator thus less fuel use.
Built and certified to Australian EMC standards (c-tick).
As a result, this charger is a little heavier due to a significant amount of additional filter components in the form of iron cored copper coils (3.5kg).
Built and certified to Australian electrical safety standards (consider fire and personal injury insurance cover are only effective with this type of certification).

Download the manual here.

12V 25A precision charger: AUD 255.00 inc GST Shipping by Australia Post registered parcel service.
Cost of s&h to anywhere in Australia: AUD 30.00
Local pickups possible.

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